Yares Art Gallery
745 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

The 5,800-square-foot art gallery is located on the “Gallery Floor” of the renowned Plaza District tower at 745 Fifth Avenue. It is the first New York location for Santa Fe art dealer Dennis Yares, known for his exhibits and representation of important Abstract Expressionist and Color Field artists.

The design for the gallery is classic minimalism. The three primary design elements are the walls, floor, and ceiling. Inserted into this “white box” is the artwork that activates the space and the neutral grey custom furniture by Rippel Metal Fabrications of Santa Fe. The perfection of each element is critical to the overall success of the design and space.

Each design element was left in its pure form so as not to distract from the artwork. The slab ceiling, with the beams exposed, allows for the maximum ceiling height in the space and the display of large-scale works of art by such artists as Larry Poons, Helen Frankenthaler, and Morris Lewis. The walls are a pure white canvas. Left unadorned and with long expanses, they allow for maximum flexibility in displaying artwork and have only a shadow reveal at the bottom to create the appearance that they, and the art, are floating above the maple floor. The flesh-toned maple floor, the only color in the gallery outside of the artwork, creates a soft subtle foundation that does not take your eye off the art.



Project Details

Retail / Art Gallery

5,800 SF

Project Management
Interior Design
Lighting Design

Christopher Burke Studio

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