Upper East Side Fitness Center
New York City, NY

Our fitness center design in an Upper East Side residential building, complete with a weight and aerobics area, yoga studio, spa, and steam room, embodies the spirit of urban sophistication and innovation. Challenged by the lack of natural daylight and views in the space, we created a dynamic and inviting environment by combining a flowing layout of studio spaces with an innovative lighting scheme. On the main fitness floor, backlit mirrors and custom-etched glass walls were used to define and expand the sense of space and activity. At the ceiling level, custom light coves were added to the existing concrete beams to define and highlight their irregular layout creating a unique geometric pattern of light above the workout areas.

Rich yet durable materials further enhance the unique qualities of the space. The backlit mirrors float in front of reflective white Xorel wallcovering in the main fitness area giving a sense of openness and light throughout, while mosaic split-face stone walls provide key focal points. A custom-design wall covering was created for the yoga studio. The pattern was inverted and etched onto the glass wall separating it from the fitness area, providing transparency and separation. Space, light, and materials are woven together seamlessly to create a richly inviting and satisfying experience.


Project Details


4,500 SF

Project Management
Lifestyle Design
Furniture & Finishes
Color & Materials
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Decorative Services
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