Lancôme Colour Studio
Macy’s Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Our 1,200-square-foot prototype for Lancôme’s Colour Studio was the first time the cosmetics giant combined its open-sell retail strategy with in-depth product consultations. A softly curved reception counter separates the two areas. We designed a lively open-sell retail environment to encourage immediate, hands-on interaction between the customer and the product while enabling Lancôme’s well-trained staff to offer expert service to those who desire more personal attention.

On the other side of the reception counter, we created a private consultation area for personalized makeovers. A fully illuminated column, reminiscent of the iconic Morris advertising columns in Paris, displays select products and anchors the individual makeup stations floating around it. Translucent screens with Lancôme’s latest ad campaigns provide a colorful backdrop and block the view of the street.

We united the selling floor’s irregular shape with a continuous illuminated serpentine wall that flowed from the open-sell area through reception to the private consultation area. The curved spatial elements and various lighting techniques create multiple layers of light that flatter the customer and highlight the product as she moves from the most public self-service areas to the more private stations for in-depth consultations.


Project Details


1,200 SF

Project Management
Retail Design
Fixture Design
CAD Renderings

Peter Paige

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