Calvin Klein Madison Avenue Store
654 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

The 22,000-square-foot renovation of prime retail property on Manhattan’s exclusive Madison Avenue converted an existing neoclassical bank into Calvin Klein’s first flagship store. It housed the Home Collection, Men’s and Women’s Collections, accessories, and shoes. The project consisted of three selling floors, additional support spaces, a newly added mezzanine level, and a major renovation of the first two floors of the building’s facade.

The striking interior of the ground floor is a lively composition of soaring vertical elements that are used to define the 20-foot high retail environment, and strong horizontal elements that draw people through the space and create a human scale for the display of Calvin Klein’s Women’s Collection. On the second floor, a sense of openness and calm order surround Calvin Klein’s Men’s Ready to Wear Collection.

Both floors are defined by natural sanded stone flooring and absolute white for the wall surfaces and ceiling. The minimal design and neutral palette create a serene background for the precise placement of the Collections on brushed stainless steel display fixtures, glass shelving, and dark walnut display tables. We worked with London-based designer John Pawson as the project’s Executive Architect / Retail Architect.


Project Details


22,000 SF

Project Management
Executive Architect
Retail Design
Fixture Design

Christoph Kicherer

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