Art in the home is one of the most effective ways to create an environment that reflects the unique personality of the homeowner. Art inspires and uplifts us while energizing and providing a unique dimension and personality to the home. However, to be effective, the selection, placement and lighting of the art are critical. 

The selection of art for the home is deeply personal and a major financial investment. When working with clients who are building their first collection, my advice is to buy what you love, what inspires you, what moves you. As my client Edwynn Houk, owner and curator of the Houk Gallery in Manhattan likes to say “You do not need a 25-word paragraph to explain a good piece of art. It speaks on its own.” His advice to new collectors is to learn about art – read, study, go to museums and galleries – and create relationships with gallery owners.

Whether designing a new residence or renovating an existing one, my firm enjoys working with clients who have existing art collections, hearing their stories about the purchase of each piece and seeing what the collection tells us about the owner and their preferences. This often serves as the starting point for the design influencing both the furnishings selected, and the color and material palettes used. When designing a residence for a client with an existing art collection, it is often a matter of effective placement of the collection, rather than purchase of new pieces, that gives the collection a new life and a new look.


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